Helpful Guide on Buying Custom Drink Bottles for Small Business Promotions

There are lots of small yet effective ways for you to market your business to the local community. One beneficial tactic is to distribute merchandise and other items that include branding of your small business. Recently, lots of successful business owners have started to use custom bottles as a way to promote their services. Bottles are great as they are used regularly and have a massive range of applications, which means high possibilities for local exposure. With this in mind, here is a helpful guide on how you can find excellent custom drink bottles to promote your small business.

Trust Bottle Manufacturers with Strong Track Records

Many businesses that try and get custom items and merchandise make the wrong decision when it comes to choosing a manufacturer. Lots of companies provide custom services for the production of things such as bottles. However, not all of these businesses have excellent turnaround times. There are many instances of companies having to wait weeks, if not months, to get their order. When it comes to the continually evolving nature of marketing, waiting for an extending period to start a promotion is highly undesirable.

It would be best if you always chose custom bottle producers that have a strong track record of not only producing high-quality bottles but delivering them in short periods. Generally, it would be best if you didn’t wait longer than a week or two to get your order delivered. Look into the track records of all of the producers you’re thinking of choosing, and see which ones have the most reliable record. As a rule of thumb, the closer the producer is to your location, the quicker the delivery and turnaround time.

Make Large Purchases for Discounts

Any marketing strategy that involves merchandise should involve large volumes of items for distribution. Small campaigns that only engage a handful of promotional items never gain enough traction in the community to produce an excellent result. Hence, it would be best if you always focused on volume when seeking to start a custom bottle marketing campaign. Thankfully, going for large volume orders makes getting discounts much easier. Plenty of bottle producers will happily provide you with a bulk discount for orders of significant quantities. Hence, if you’re going to start a bottle marketing campaign, do it correctly by ordering a substantial amount of bottles.

Get Warranties and Assurances Regarding the Bottles

Sometimes, the custom items you order won’t reflect your expectations. In some cases, the items you receive may look nothing like what you were told to expect. To protect yourself from financial consequences, should your order be faulty, you need to get assurances and guarantees from bottle producers before placing your order. You should reach an agreement regarding how the bottle should look, as well as the quality of the material used.

Reaching an agreement regarding custom bottles for small business promotions ensures you have peace of mind regarding your order. Ordering large quantities of bottles may be financially burdensome for smaller companies. Hence you always want to protect yourself if something goes wrong. Make sure to get as many assurances on quality, delivery, and appearance of the bottles before making a purchase.